Service Immersion Program

The Service Immersion Program (SIP) is designed to actively engage Temple University students in meaningful experiences that foster cultural awareness, global understanding, and social responsibility through learning, service and reflection. Our model is based on the work of BreakAway, a leader in supporting assets-based community engagement for alternative breakers across the country. Our programs are designed to be staff supported and student-led, with 2 student Experience Leaders and 1-2 Staff Advisors assigned to each group of 10-12 student participants.

We're excited to announce that for the first time, this fall 2020, Service Immersion Program Experience Leaders are eligible to earn 1 credit for their peer mentor and SIP training course. The course will meet in a hybrid format, or fully on-line, and will create opportunities for co-leaders to build relationships within a cohort learning experience, develop invaluable facilitation, mentorship and management skills, learn with intention about the root causes of social issues and gain experience in building assets-based community partnerships. This course will prepare SIP Experience Leaders to take an active role in guiding their participants through the 6 weeks of pre-departure learning, the travel experience, and the next steps upon their return.

In years past, we have travelled to work in community with the Oglala Lakota Nation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, with organizations that support new immigrants, refugees and the undocumented in El Paso, Texas, with indigenous communities in Guatemala and Ecuador, with organizations that support the differently-abled in Mobile, Alabama, and more. In 2020-21 we are excited to continue our work, health and safety regulations, permitting, with our community partners across the US and to build partnership and leverage new opportunities with existing community partners here in the Philadelphia area and beyond.

Please contact Assistant Director of Student Involvement, Arielle Greenwald, with any questions or for more information.