Mission, Vision + Goals


Temple students will feel empowered to build inclusive communities and prepare for the future through meaningful experience. 


We provide a platform for students to discover and engage their strengths, talents, and passions. We bring the campus to life through fun and diverse opportunities outside the classroom. 


Collaboration: Enhance university partnerships in order to provide a more seamless and developmental involvement experience.

Innovative Programming: Implement and encourage new programs to connect with different populations of the student body.

Increase Student Leadership Opportunities: Provide new ways for a student to be developed and experienced in leadership capacities.

Brand Identity: Establish consistent marketing and branding strategies that communicate the value of being involved.

Enhanced Academic Focus for Student Leaders: Create a culture of high expectations for academic success and well-being to better integrate student learning and student involvement.  

Learning Outcomes Outcome Description
Relating knowledge to daily life Students will demonstrate the ability to apply lessons from training and experiences to future decisions and plans.
Creativity Students will create new ideas for campus programming, organizational development, and problem-solving.
Meaningful relationships

Students will establish mutually beneficial relationships with peers, faculty and administration, and their surrounding communities. 

Effective leadership

Students will learn and employ effective leadership strategies to achieve an organizational mission. 

Understanding and appreciation of cultural and human differences 

Students will understand their own identities and those of their communities, and be able to articulate the benefits of a diverse society. 

Living a purposeful and satisfying life 

Students will achieve balance in their involvement and satisfaction with their plans for the future.