Experience Leaders & Staff Advisors

We're excited to announce that for the first time, this fall 2020, Service Immersion Program Experience Leaders are eligible to earn 1 credit for their peer mentor and SIP training course. The course will meet in a hybrid format, or fully on-line, and will create opportunities for co-leaders to build relationships within a cohort learning experience, develop invaluable facilitation, mentorship and management skills, learn with intention about the root causes of social issues and gain experience in building assets-based community partnerships. This course will prepare SIP Experience Leaders to take an active role in guiding their participants through the 6 weeks of pre-departure learning, the travel experience, and the next steps upon their return.

Temple University's Service Immersion Program is designed to be staff supported and student-led, with 2 student Experience Leaders and 1-2 Staff Advisors assigned to each group of 10-12 student participants.

Find more details about the role in the SIP Experience Leader position description, or head straight to the application to read more.

Applications for 2022-2023 student Experience Leaders are closed for 2022-23.

Applications for Staff Advisors are OPEN! Please find more information in the application available on OwlConnect.

Please contact Assistant Director of Student Activities, Mat Greer, with any questions or for more information.

Experience Leaders

Temple University’s Service Immersion Program Experience Leaders are students dedicated to community engagement and making a difference in the world. SIP Experience Leaders will collaborate with Student Activities to provide engaging educational and experiential opportunities to their peers and will serve as ambassadors for the Service Immersion Program and educators around the social challenges of our times. Through this cohort experience, SIP Experience Leaders will hone leadership and facilitation skills while developing their understanding of what it means to be an active citizen in a global society.If selected, you will:

  • be eligible to earn one academic credit while participating in valuable training and practical experience in group and project management; facilitating educational content; community engagement; conflict and risk management, etc
  • help guide the direction of the Service Immersion Program
  • gain a deeper understanding of social change and social justice concepts; lead peers from theory to practice
  • make an impact for Temple students and the communities in which we serve
  • have your travel fee waived 

For the 2022-23 academic year, our Service Immersion Program Experience Leaders will help us select our social justice topic areas.

Applications are currently closed.

Staff Advisors

Temple University’s Service Immersion Program Staff Advisors are faculty or staff members dedicated to student development, community engagement, and making a difference in the world. Staff/Faculty Advisors serve as a scaffold for Experience Leaders by providing support, guidance, and resources throughout the planning, educational and experiential activities before, during, and after the immersion trip. Advisors’ main role is as logistics, risk/crisis, and financial resource managers.

Applications for Staff Advisors are currently open until December 1, 2022, and are available here.