Find a Student Organization to Join

Looking to get involved? We’ve got you covered! Student Activities has over 300 registered student organizations with interests as diverse as our student population. To get a detailed list of these organizations, check out Owl Connect, our student organization database that is used as the online hub for student organization information! Owl Connect's home page will have student org events and special announcements that are updated weekly by Student Activities, so make sure you log in frequently. 

Anyone can browse the Organization directory by categories or search by keywords to find orgs and explore something new. After signing in, students can create their own profiles and rank their interests. Like Netflix, Owl Connect can match your interets to student organizations on campus to help you get involved. Edit your interests in your User Profile 

Organization Classifications

The following represents a list of classifications for your organization. Each organization will be categorized by its primary purpose for easier recognition in Owl Connect. 

  • Academic Department: Organizations that are centered within an academic department or program at Temple University.
  • Arts & Entertainment: Organizations whose primary purpose is the creation and/or presentation of visual arts, student performances, or events and programs featuring on- or off-campus talent.
  • Cultural/International: Organizations whose primary purpose is to offer opportunities to explore cultural, social, and service aspects of various cultural and international groups.
  • Governance: Organizations whose primary purpose includes serving as representatives of the student body to the University community and/or providing advice to the University faculty and administration.
  • Honorary: Organizations whose primary purpose is to promote scholastic excellence and deep involvement in various academic areas.
  • Media/Publication: Organizations whose primary purpose is to practice the creation and presentation of print, broadcast, and/or electronic media.
  • Political/Advocacy: Organizations whose primary purpose and activities support or oppose any specific ideology, political thought, or cause.
  • Professional: Organizations whose primary purpose and activities help prepare students for particular professions after graduation.
  • Recreation/Leisure: Organizations whose primary purpose is to participate in, or educate members about, a recreational or leisure activity.
  • Religious: Organizations whose primary purpose is the activity of worship, devotion, prayer, meditation, or study of religious concepts or that requires membership affiliation or shared beliefs with a group generally recognized as a religion, or that furthers or opposes a religious ideology.
  • Service: Organizations whose primary purpose is to provide a learning opportunity for students in the area of community service and volunteering for the University and Temple communities.