Information for Advisors

All registered Student Organizations must have a full time Temple staff or faculty member serve as their advisor.

Although the Office of Student Activities does not define the role of the Advisor to your organization, we strongly urge your Advisor to assist your group with the following:

  • Develop realistic goals for the academic year.
  • Attend executive office, general meetings, and organization events when possible.
  • Encourage the officers of the organization to share information with the general membership.
  • Assist in the orientation of new members and with the transition process each year.
  • Familiarize himself/herself with the Temple University Student Code of Conduct and other institutional guidelines that establish expectations for student behavior and activities.
  • Guide the group and its officers to established policies, answer policy questions, and explain the consequences for choosing to operate outside their parameters.

Some student organizations are completely self-sufficient, requiring little assistance from their advisor; however, other orgs heavily depend on the guidance of their advisor. To help advisors and student leaders communicate about the value of the various roles, you are encouraged to utilize the Expectations worksheet. This worksheet provides a platform for the Executive Board and the Advisor to discuss the significance of the potential functions the Advisor should or shouldn’t be performing.

Questions? Contact the Office of Student Activities –

Advisor Handbook for Fraternity and Sorority Advisors