Standards and Accountability

Temple University is committed to hosting viable values-based fraternities and sororities. Our fraternity and sorority community is almost as old as our University itself. In that tradition, we will continue to welcome Greek lettered organizations that support the values and mission of our University, while promoting the health and safety of Temple students.

Temple University expects its student and Greek lettered organizations to “Foster an environment conducive to continued intellectual and educational stimulation within the university free from unlawful harassment by other members of the community; Foster academic honesty and an environment that encourages intellectual growth and the development of independent thought; Foster the maintenance of physical and mental health, the safety and welfare of each member of the community; and Respect the rights of others..” The Student Code of Conduct also outlines prohibited conduct for students and Greek lettered organizations. Violations of these rules may result in disciplinary action for these registered organizations.

Sanctions shall be imposed when Greek letter organizations are found responsible for violating University policy. The purpose of sanctioning is to educate an organization as to why the behavior in question was inappropriate, as well as to impose consequences for the behavior in question.

Below is a list of Greek letter organizations, that have accepted or been found responsible for violating University rules.  Each organization has been placed on some form of formal disciplinary status. (Note:  Individual students’ records are protected by federal law and University policy.)

Please keep in mind: Organizations are not added to this list until conduct matters become final; therefore, groups with pending conduct matters are not listed here. The list will be updated as necessary and was put in effect Fall 2018.


Chapter  Status 

Effective Date 

Beta Pi Phi Fraternity Removed from Campus for Hazing Fall 2016
Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity Removed from Campus for Alcohol and Drug Violations Fall 2018