To maintain your organization's STARS status, you must participate in the program every year. STARS rewards rollover from year to year, but your progress resets each summer and challenges must be repeated each year. For example, if an org earned 4 STAR rewards in the middle of the spring semester, it will start receiving those rewards as soon as the STARS Path is approved by Student Activities. For the rest of that semester, the org is eligible for 4 STAR rewards. In the fall, the org starts the year with 4 STAR rewards, but their progress will start back at the 1 STAR challenges. 

Maintenance isn't as difficult as it seems because organizations naturally repeat certain activities such as Events and Collaborations on an annual basis. An organization's Statement of Inclusion or Transition Binder can be retained and revised from year to year, not rewritten completely. 

In order to maintain a STARS status, student organizations also must adhere to 

  • all Student Activities policies, including but not limited to mandatory meeting attendance, re-registration, travel, high-risk programs, The Village, and notification of changes to the organization; 
  • all Student Center Operations policies including but not limited to space reservations, maintenance of reserved space, and notification of VIP status individuals at events; and
  • all Temple Student Government allocations policies including but not limited to deadlines, payments, and Allocations guidelines. 

Violations of policies may result in a loss of STARS status. Determinations will be made on a case by case basis.