How to Join

Recruitment Information

As of Fall 2015, Temple University has implemented deferred recruitment. First-semester students will not be eligible to join an organization until they obtain 12 credits. This is to allow students time to adjust to a new academic setting before making a major commitment of time and energy. Since that time, our community GPA has increased significantly, and our community size continues to grow.  If you have specific questions about your eligibility, please contact Sarah Hernandez.

The decision to join a fraternity or sorority should only be made after careful thought and research. Fraternity or sorority membership lasts a lifetime. While there are countless benefits to membership, the time and financial commitment should also be considered.  These commitments vary among chapters, so be sure to ask before deciding to join any group.

Once the decision to join has been made, learn more about each organization though the Recruitment or Intake processes listed below. For event dates, refer to the Student Activities calendar or contact the Student Activities office.

For Panhellenic Association Sororities

Sororities in the Panhellenic Association (PA) participate in a structured week of Recruitment in January of each year. Sorority Recruitment offers the opportunity for potential new members to meet women in all five Panhellenic sororities. Potential members and chapter members participate in a mutual selection process culminating in Bid Day at the end of the week. Interested students may contact the Vice President of Recruitment for the Panhellenic Association.  Formal Recruitment will take place from January 26, 2017 through January 30th. Questions can be directed to

Registration is now live! Please click here to register for Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment, Spring 2017. Registration will close on Sunday, January 8th at 11:59pm.  

For IFC Fraternities 

Fraternities in the Interfraternity Council (IFC) participate in Recruitment which is typically held at the start of each fall and spring semester. Through organized recruitment events, potential new members have the opportunity to meet members of IFC fraternities and learn about each organization. At the end of Recruitment, potential members may receive bids to join a specific fraternity.  Interested students may contact for more information about recruitment. Fall Recruitment will take place from Sept. 13th through September 21st. IFC will host an informational program about all chapters on Tuesday, Sept. 13th from 6-10pm in Room 200 of the Student Center.   

For MGC Fraternities & Sororities

The process to join a fraternity or sorority in the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) varies between organizations. Some MGC organizations host a Rush, General Information Meeting, or other informational session for potential new members to attend. These events are typically advertised around campus at the start of each semester. Students interested in joining a MGC fraternity or sorority can also attend open workshops, programs, and events hosted by the chapter to express interest in the organization. Interested students can also attend Meet the Greeks sponsored by the Multicultural Greek Council on September 8th at 6pm in the Student Center Atrium to learn more about each organization and express interest.

For NPHC Fraternities & Sororities

Similar to groups in the MGC, National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) fraternities and sororities do not participate in one specific membership selection process. Organizations in this council participate in “Intake” or a “Membership Intake Process”. At the discretion of its members, a fraternity or sorority may host an informational or interest session in the first few weeks of the fall or spring semester. The fraternity or sorority then selects candidates from its interested students. Students interested in a NPHC fraternity or sorority should attend programs, events, or informational tables hosted by the chapter and express interest. Interested students can also attend Meet the Greeks sponsored by the National Pan-Hellenic Council on September 9th at 8pm in Room 200 BC of the Student Center to learn more about each organization and express interest.