STARS Program

Program Overview

The Student Training and Rewards System (STARS) is a voluntary program designed to challenge Temple University student organization members through increased opportunities for leadership and organizational development. Organization leaders will participate in activities that are designed to help them learn, grow, and achieve success. Organizations receive new rewards for each level of challenges met. STARS is not meant to assess the performance or quality of an organization. 
If you have questions about the program, please contact the Program Coordinator for Student Organizations.

STARS Learning Outcomes

  • help your student organization achieve its goals;
  • ensure that you are aware of important University policies, procedures, and resources;
  • promote responsibility, respect, and positive experiences through student organizations.
  • create learning opportunities outside the classroom;
  • encourage collaboration between student organizations and other Temple University offices and departments;
  • grant access to programs and services that will support organizations; and
  • train student leaders in techniques to help student organizations run more effectively and successfully.

Organizations and leaders will benefit as a result of active participation in the STARS initiative.   Student leaders will develop leadership knowledge and skills while student organizations will receive added rewards for dedication to the program. This includes additional recognition and promotion by Student Activities, the opportunity to collaborate with other Temple University offices and departments, and perks or discounts for Student Activities’ events. 


STARS Brochure

Everything you need to know to participate in STARS is now provided on our website instead of in a brochure. Please use the menu at the top right of this page to learn about Participation, Challenges & Rewards, Maintenance, and Audits. 

Documents for Download

The following documents will support your progress through the STARS program. You may also wish to plan your STARS Strategy ahead of time using our worksheet!

Documents for Download
Collaboration  Inclusive Leadership  Transitional Leadership
 Collaboration Form*  Statement of Inclusion Form*  Transition Binder Checklist
     Leadership Transition Reflection
     Event Evaluation Worksheet

*Available on the STARS Curriculum. Only designated STARS Coordinators enrolled in the STARS Curriculum should submit this form for credit.

Keys to Success

The most important aspects of STARS involve collaboration with other student organizations and fine-tuning leadership skills of executive board members, as well as other members who are actively pursuing leadership positions. Some tips for successfully participating in STARS:

  • Communicate! Adriane Reilly is someone you should be actively talking to about keeping up with STARS challenges, plus any ideas you have for your organization or for working with other student orgs.

  • Participate! Schedule out who can go to various STARS workshops throughout the semester/year. Try to attend meetings that apply to bettering yourself as a leader on campus!

  • Collaborate! Get involved with other organizations and departments on campus. Make an impact.

  • Demonstrate! Make sure you are involving new members who could fill your student leadership role in the future.

Adapted from the Queer Student Union's transition binder, 2012-2013. 

Distribute the work! Once your organize all that you need to do for STARS, it can be tempting to jump right in and do it all on your own. You cannot. Once everything is organized and you have a game plan, let your e-board know. Assign each member of the e-board a part in the binder and a workshop to attend, based on their position and availability. If the entire board works to bring the organization to success, everyone can appreciate the accomplishment and be dedicated to maintaining that level of success. This is good for creating and maintaining morale within the organization.

Adapted from the Babel Poetry Collectives's transition binder, 2013-2014.