Tracking + Advancing


  • Each organization who wishes to participate in STARS should appoint a STARS Coordinator on your Owl Connect roster. We will enroll that person into the Path on Owl Connect. Your organization cannot have more than one STARS Coordinator. That person may only serve as STARS Coordinator for one organization (or else the data will get mixed up).
  • The STARS Coordinator is entirely responsible for recording the org's progress and submitting data into the STARS Path. It does not automatically update as you attend workshops or complete other STARS challenges.
  • Think of the Path as a series of forms you submit to log your progress. Some forms are simple and do not need Student Activities approval. Others are complex (they're called "Experiences" in Owl Connect) and ask for more detailed information. Sometimes they require you to upload documents.
  • Student Activities will determine your progress by reviewing the STARS Review Request submitted, as per the instructions below. 


Organizations can request an official STARS Review at any time throughout the year to advance to a higher STARS status. The deadline to complete all STARS challenges and request a final review is April 26, 2021 for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Organizations who do not maintain their current STARS status by the April deadlines will fall to the lowest STARS level in which all challenges are complete. For example, if an org with 3 STAR rewards fails to maintain 3 STARS, but completes all 1 and 2 STAR challenges, they'll be bumped from 3 to 2 STAR rewards during the final review in April. 

To request an official STARS Review, please submit an STARS Review Request