Temple Student Government Elections

Cast your vote! Learn more about the candidates for each position by logging in to uvote.temple.edu!


Positions on the ballot will include the following:

President of Temple Student Government (TSG)

Vice-President of Student Services for Temple Student Government (TSG)

Vice-President of External Affairs for Temple Student Government (TSG)

Parliament Representatives for Temple Student Government (TSG)


Voting will be conducted online via uvote.temple.edu. To cast your vote in the student elections, make sure to use your TUID information before placing your vote.

Event Department: 
Student Affairs|Temple Student Government|Student Activities|Dean of Students
Event Interest: 
Student Life
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<img typeof="foaf:Image" src="https://events.temple.edu/sites/events/files/styles/event_thumbnail/public/events/tuk33067/images/thumbnail/TSG%201200x1200_0.jpg?itok=A7eVT4Lk&c=8c73bf5a6d6b2a6bdd5817f6732138c4" alt="TSG Logo" />
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Temple Student Government
Event Audience: 
Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students
Event Contact Name: 
Phillip Smith
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