Student Organization FAQ's


  1. How do I apply to start a New Student Organization?
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To apply to start a new organization, please refer to our New Student Organization Process page: 
    • This page details our requirements, what the process will look like, and some important resources.
  2. How do I reactivate a Student Organization that is currently frozen or inactive?​​​​​​​
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please email for infromation about that proccess.
  3. How do I book a space on campus for my organization?​​​​​​​
  4. Can my org have a website through Temple?​​​​​​​
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Yes! Visit to get started.

Logo Guidelines:

  1. Are there any guidelines that I must adhere to when creating a logo for my organization?​​​​​​​
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Yes, if you are Temple University student and design logos, posters, apparel and other marketing items for your student organizations, you must ensure that your gear follows the university’s guidelines for trademarked or registered logos and graphics.
    • Please visit: for more information. Under "Trademark and Policy" section, you will find specific information for Student Organizations.


  1. How does TSG and TSG Allocations relate to Student Organizations?

    • Many organizations are motivated to participate in the STARS program because of the varying amount of money your org can request from TSG Allocations. That is, 1 STAR organizations can request up to $500/semester and 2-4 STAR organizations can request up to $2500/semester.

    • In order for your organization to be eligible to request this money, your organization must be in good standing with TSG. To remain in good standing with TSG, your organization must follow these two requirements:

      • Read the TSG weekly newsletter and click the attendance link at the bottom to sign-in that you read the newsletter

      • Attend 1 Town Hall meeting a month

    • This is important to remember because without following these requirements, your organization will not be eligible to make allocations requests, even if you have completed the STARS requirements. It is important your organization understands this and prioritizes these requirements if your organization’s funding relies on allocations!

    • For any and all allocation questions, please reach out to TSG directly at

  2. What bank account options does my student organization have?

University Account

External Account





Easy payments within University

No debit/bank card

Easy to access funds

Greater potential for misuse of funds

Checks and balances are in place

A couple more steps to access funds


Debit/bank card and check book

Transition issues if names on account are not changed upon elections

Easy transition between leadership

Advanced notice needed for most transactions


Potential fees


  1.  How does my student organization make an internal bank account? 

    • To create an internal bank account, or a FOAP, Student Organizations should complete the Agency Fund Request Form on OwlConnect. To complete this form, student organizations will need an updated copy of their constitution and current roster of the executive board. Upon completion, Student Activities will work with the campus partners to establish the account. This process takes roughly 3-4 weeks. 

  2. How does my student organization make an external bank account?

    • The first step in creating an external bank account is to create an EIN number. The EIN will essentially serve as the organization’s “social security” number, so that no individual is using their actual social security information to set up the bank account. After creating the EIN, the student organization can go to OwlConnect and complete the Student Org Bank Verification Form. This form asks Student Activities to verify for PNC that your organization is officially recognized by Temple. Once it is completed, Student Activities will send a paper form to the student organization to complete and bring to Student Activities to sign. The final step is to take the EIN, signed Bank Verification Form, and your organization’s constitution to PNC to set up the account.


  1. What is the timeline for STARS/When can my organization reap the benefits of our STARS progress?

    • STARS is an annual process. This means that the effort your organization has put in from the beginning of the Fall semester to the end of this Spring semester will influence your org’s STARS status for NEXT academic year. 

    • For example, let’s say your organization is currently a 1 STAR listed on OwlConnect. During the Fall semester, your org completed all the 1 and 2 STAR requirements, and in the first weeks of the Spring semester, your org finished all the 3 STAR requirements. Your organization would still be a 1 STAR until the end of the Spring semester, and (pending proper submission) your org can reap the benefits of being a 3 STAR organization for all of the next academic year.

  2. What is the STARS Path?

    • The STARS Path is the tracking system for the STARS Program. It lives on OwlConnect and is linked to the STARS Coordinator's OwlConnect Page. Here, STARS Coordinators can see all of the STARS Challenges, and mark them as completed. The Path is how Student Activities will evaluate your organization's STARS status earned for the following year. 

  3. Can my STARS Coordinator be the STARS Coordinator for another organization?

    • No, STARS Coordinators are only permitted to be STARS Coordinator for one organization per academic year. This is because the requirements and challenges attended can only count for credit towards one organization. 

  4. Can our organization have two STARS Coordinators?

    • Technically, yes, your organization can have two STARS Coordinators, although Student Activities does not recommend it. If your organization does still choose to have two STARS Coordinators, it is highly recommended that only one of those coordinators is responsible for tracking STARS on the Path. This is because the Path tracks individual involvement, not group involvement. If both Coordinators were to track involvement on the Path, it would not coincide with one another and information is likely to be lost.

  5. How does the STARS Coordinator get added to the Path to track STARS?

    • STARS Coordinators who are listed on OwlConnect are imported to the STARS Path at the beginning of the academic year. If your STARS Coordinator failed to list themselves on OwlConnect, email the Program Coordinator for Student Organizations to be manually added to the Path.

  6. Our organization transitions leadership mid-academic year - does the STARS credit automatically transfer from one STARS Coordinator to the other?

    • No, if your organization transitions leadership mid-academic year, the STARS credit tracked on the Path does NOT transfer from one STARS Coordinator to another. Should this be the case for your organization, email the Program Coordinator for Student Organizations. They will be able to manually add the new STARS Coordinator to the STARS Path, and send a report of what the exiting STARS Coordinator reported on the Path. 

  7. How does the STARS Coordinator report an experience on the STARS Path if they did not attend themselves?

    • To watch an instructional screen recording of reporting an experience on the STARS Path that the STARS Coordinator did not attend themselves, click here