For Faculty + Staff + Families

As a University partner or as a family member of a Temple University student, you may have questions about the opportunities for student involvement outside of the classroom. On our campus, fraternities and sororities fall on an extensive list of co-curricular options. A growing number of students who hope to enhance their undergraduate experience find what they’re looking for in a fraternity or sorority.

Benefits of Fraternal Involvement

Fraternity or sorority involvement can benefit a student in a number of ways. Greek letter organizations are guided by a creed, ritual, and history unique to each individual fraternity or sorority. However, our community is united by the common values of Leadership, Service, Scholarship, and Brotherhood or Sisterhood. These values represent some of the shared benefits of fraternal involvement.

Leadership Development

Most fraternity and sorority members serve as a chapter officer at some point during their Greek involvement. Chapter officers receive training and experience skill development in any number of areas. Communication, conflict mediation, and time management skills are just some examples of potential outcomes of the Greek leadership experience.

Service & Civic Responsibility

Each year Temple’s fraternity and sorority members complete thousands of hours of service with organizations like Girls Inc., Bright Hope Baptist Church, Chosen 300 Outreach, Philabundance Food Bank, and many more. Many organizations also raise awareness of social or community issues through programs on topics like voter apathy, food insecurity, and education reform.

Academic Support

Temple students are attending college to further their education, thus fraternities and sororities must make academic achievement a top priority. Greek letter organizations utilize academic programs for members who fail to meet academic standards. Students participate in study hours, tutoring or mentoring programs, and presentations on academic topics. Many chapters also reward high achievers by offering incentives for academic improvement and success.

Friendship & Social Development

Social Greek involvement provides opportunities for lifelong friendship and support. Students looking for a sense of community on a college campus often find their niche in a fraternity or sorority. A Greek brotherhood or sisterhood exists for a lifetime, and is a network consisting of alumni and current members across the nation and world.

Families can support their student by encouraging him or her to research fraternity or sorority options. Joining a Greek letter organization is a lifelong commitment and the decision to join should only come after careful consideration. Local chapter and national websites are a convenient way to gather information about each fraternity or sorority option. Additionally, feel free to contact the Student Activities office or other current Temple students who are involved to learn about the Greek experience.

Ask your student the following questions to help this process:

  • What has made you want to join this group?
  • How will you balance your academic/personal requirements?
  • What will the financial commitment be?
  • What is the accreditation status of the organization that you would like to join?