Diamond Accreditation Program

The purpose of the Diamond Accreditation Program is to provide a comprehensive quality assessment of the fraternities and sororities at Temple University while allowing the organizations to demonstrate the value they provide to campus. This process is designed to ensure fraternities and sororities are committed to providing the highest quality experience to its members. An additional component of the process will focus on reflection.  What do the chapters believe they have excelled at this year and what could they work on? This is an opportunity for each chapter to showcase their organization and share what makes them such a unique, and valuable part of the Temple campus community.

Diamond Accreditation is a program that evaluates chapters in ten areas of growth and development: Academic Achievement, Brother/Sisterhood Development, Chapter Operations, Community Involvement and Service, Greek and University Involvement, Health and Safety, Leadership Development, Membership Recruitment/Intake, New Member Education, and Standards and Accountability. The program evaluates chapters in two stages. In the first stage, chapters answer five questions from each category. The submitted material should drive what is presented in the second stage. The second stage requires chapters to give a 30-minute presentation to a panel of evaluators. This stage allows the chapters to creatively demonstrate their achievements, provide further clarification from submissions, and positively interact with members of the Temple community.

Finally, the Diamond Accreditation Program serves as a process through which campus recognition of a fraternity or sorority is determined. By clarifying a minimum set of standards, organizations can work to ensure they are performing to expectation. Each recognized fraternity and sorority must annually complete the Diamond Accreditation to maintain its status as a recognized organization at Temple University. Further, the Diamond Accreditation Program celebrates the achievements of organizations, recognizing fraternities and sororities exceeding expectations and performance.

Each fraternity and sorority will be provided with feedback from Diamond Accreditation to ensure the continual growth of the community. This program will evaluate the social Greek organizations on their work for the year, from April 2019 to April 2020.

IFC Diamond Accreditation

MGC Diamond Accreditation

NPHC Diamond Accreditation

Panhellenic Diamond Accreditation