Challenges + Rewards



Annual Re-registration: Complete our Annual Student Organization Re-registration process during the month of May each year, providing Student Activities with the most current details and executive board contact information about your student org. 

Student Org Basics: Assign one officer to attend the mandatory Student Org Basics every September.

In Student Org Basics, officers will learn:

  • How to use Owl Connect for organization management
  • How to participate in our STARS program 
  • Policies and procedures for Student Activities and our campus partners. 
  • How to reserve space through Student Center Operations. 
  • How to request and use TSG Allocations. 
  • Best practices for financial management.

*It is the responsibility of the officer who attends Student Org Basics to update the rest of their e-board on all policies and procedure. Hold each other accountable.





Complete all 1 STAR Challenges.

Event Planning: Plan at least one program or event per year and advertise the event on the Owl Connect Event Calendar. An event or program does not include e-board meetings, general body meetings, or bake sales. It involves a complex level of planning. Some examples are community service, guest speakers, hosting a conference, socials, Night Owl Events, a large-scale fundraiser, etc. 

Officer Workshops: Organization officers should share the responsibility of attending at least four STARS eligible workshops on behalf of their student organization per year. One of the workshops must come from the "STARS- Leadership" category and one must come from the "STARS-Inclusion" category on Owl Connect's Events calendar. The other two are your choice! 
Tip: Use the STARS Categories on Owl Connect's Events calendar to identify eligible workshops and consider which topics will be most beneficial to your organization using the descriptions. 
Note: Inclusive Leadership and Transitional Leadership NO LONGER fulfill the four Officer Workshops requirement 
Note: Students may not represent more than one organization at a workshop. They must arrive on time and stay for the whole workshop to receive STARS credit. If this is not possible, either select a different officer to attend or select a different workshop. 




Complete all 1 STAR and 2 STAR Challenges

Collaboration:  Organizations collaborate with other orgs, campus departments, community partners, and universities. Responsibilities should be evenly shared.

Tip: This event must be different from the one used to complete the 2 STAR Event challenge. 

Inclusive Leadership: Send one officer to participate in an Inclusive Leadership workshop. Dates and times for Inclusive Leadership will be posted on the Owl Connect's Events calendar.

Statement of Inclusion: After attending the Inclusive Leadership workshop, please work with your organization members to write a Statement of Inclusion that fits your organization’s mission and values.

Tip: If you are in the Maintenance phase of STARS, you may choose to keep last year's Statement of Inclusion or edit it based on the discussion in the workshop, but you must submit it every year. 





Evaluating Your Org’s Success: Send at least one officer to participate in a hands-on meeting evaluating your organization’s goals and achievements. Through participation in a SWOT analysis during this program, your organization will be able to identify its strengths (S) and weaknesses (W), as well as its opportunities (O) and threats (T). This requirement can be completed at any point of the year, meaning it is not necessary to complete all 1-3 STAR requirements before attending the program.

Transitional Leadership: Send at least one officer to participate in a Transitional Leadership workshop. Dates and times for Transitional Leadership will be posted on the Owl Connect's Events calendar.

Transition Binder: Submit a Transition Binder as outlined by the Transition Binder Checklist and discussed in the Transitional Leadership workshop. You should make your Transition Binder in the format that best benefits your organization (Google Doc/Folder, Owl Box Doc/Folder, Owl Connect Document, or real binder).

Tip: If you are in the maintenance phase of STARS, you may use last year's Transition Binder and add this year's information to keep it updated.