Workshops + Learning

Student Org Basics

Student Org Basics is an annual training workshop required of all registered student organizations. This year, we're hosting Student Org Basics on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 from 3-5:30 in HGSC Underground. At least one officer from each registered student organization is required to attend. They will then be responsible for training their entire executive board to complete the requirement. 

In Student Org Basics, officers will learn:

  • How to use Owl Connect for organization management
  • How to participate in our STARS program
  • Policies and procedures for Student Activities and our campus partners
  • How to reserve space through Student Center Operations.
  • How to request and use TSG Allocations
  • Best practices for financial management 

STARS Workshops

The STARS Workshop calendar is integrated with Owl Connect Events. This allows us to provide you with the most up-to-date times, locations, and information. All workshops and descriptions can be found on Owl Connect’s Events Calendar by clicking on the various “STARS” categories. This year the workshops are divided into two categories: STARS-Leadership and STARS- Inclusion. STARS-Leadership workshops focus on leadership practices and organizational development topics. STARS-Inclusion workshops provide education on issues of diversity, inclusion, and social justice. On Owl Connect, please read the workshop descriptions carefully to select the workshops that best suit your organization's leadership development and organizational management goals. 

New workshops and events qualifying for STARS credit will be added throughout the year, so check the calendar frequently! 

Workshop Alternatives

STARS- Leadership Workshop Library

Bring the workshops to your organization! Our Workshop Library contains 13 topics especially selected to enhance your organizational development! These workshops can help you fulfill certain STARS criteria all while encouraging more discussion and reflection among your officers and members. To browse the 13 topics and request a workshop CD, please complete this form listing the top 3 titles you'd like to borrow and the date and time you'd like to pick the CD up from our office. Please allow for 2-3 days' advanced notice to check that the title is available and for preparation of materials. Organizations may only borrow 1 CD at a time. The STARS Workshop Library does not serve as "make-up" sessions for the STARS In-Person Workshops, including Inclusive Leadership and Transitional Leadership. 

STARS- Inclusion Independent Study

Student Activities has created the STARS-Inclusion Independent Study option because we recognize learning can take place at any time or place. By submitting a reflection, you can earn STARS credit for attending any event on or off campus that focused on marginalized populations, issues of diversity and inclusion, and social justice. Examples include special talks hosted by academic departments, student organization events, community programs or demonstrations throughout Philly.

Here are the reflection questions for the STARS Inclusion Independent Study.

  • Please write the name of the person who attended and a short description of the event and its location.
  • What was the purpose of the event? How did the event make you feel? What did you learn from the event? How will you apply that to your organization?
  • In case Student Activities wishes to verify the event or your attendance, please complete the Contact Information fields here.

 Submissions will be reviewed and approved based on their quality and thoughtfulness.The person who attends should type this info up and send it over to the STARS Coordinator, who will submit the reflection as an Experience on Owl Connect under Your Name>Involvement>Experiences>Add Experience>STARS-Inclusion Independent Study.  

Campus Partners

You can also earn STARS credit toward the 2 STARS Officer Workshops and 4 STAR General Member Workshops challenges by participating in educational opportunities lead by the some of our campus partners. 

Conflict Education Resource Team (CERT)'s 1-on-1 Conflict Resolution Coaching 

  • Attending 4 coaching sessions earns credit for attending 4 STARS-Leadership workshops. 

  • Coaching sessions are by appointment only. 

  • Organizations who complete all 4 coaching sessions will also earn "Conflict Trained Organization" status on their Owl Connect Page. 

  • For more details about Conflict Resolution Coaching visit the CERT Office: Student Center 314 North, Phone: 215-204-5605, or Email:

Wellness Resource Center's Educational Programs

  • Attend a Give a Hoot: Owls Speak Up training to earn credit for 1 STARS-Leadership Workshop. Give a Hoot: Owls Speak Up is a two-hour training students to become better equipped in being active, responsible bystanders, both in situations necessitating immediate action, as well as those that involve trying to prevent something risky from happening or supporting someone after something difficult has occurred. The program aims to create a caring, respectful campus culture that supports one another. The training incorporates Brief Motivational Interviewing techniques and more emergent related strategies, covering the following health and wellness topics: sexual health, sexual assault, body image, alcohol and drug use, anxiety, and suicide prevention. 

  • Attend an Escalation workshop to earn credit for 1 STARS-Inclusion Workshop. Escalation is a powerful, emotionally-engaging 90-minute film-based workshop, created by the One Love Foundation, that educates about relationship violence and empowers students to work for change. This research-based program will help you identify behaviors that may indicate relationship violence and discuss ways you can get involved to prevent it from happening.58% of college students say they don't know how to help someone who is a victim of relationship violence. During this workshop, you'll learn some ways that you can help. This program is also available by request through the WRC's website here 

Workshop dates and times will be included on Owl Connect's Events Calendar. Advanced registration (at least 24 hours in advance) is required through the link provided in the event page.