Participation in STARS is voluntary. All registered student organizations (excluding fraternities and sororities) are eligible for 1 STAR rewards and can earn more rewards through further participation in the program. 

Organization officers must participate in the Student Org Basics workshop required for all registered organizations in September. This workshop does not count toward the Officer Workshop or General Member Workshop challenges. 

Student organizations should review the STARS challenges and rewards carefully and set goals to participate each year. Student Activities staff can help with this! 

Student organizations are responsible for tracking their own progress through STARS using the Owl Connect Paths. Organizations should appoint a STARS Coordinator on their roster and make sure that person is enrolled in the STARS Path by the Program Coordinator for Student Organizations. Periodic STARS Path checks (STARS Review Requests) are encouraged to ensure orgs are progressing according to the guidelines. 

If you have questions, you can always meet with the Program Coordinator for Student Organizations in Student Activities or another member of Student Activities staff. 

What Students are Saying

“We participate in STARS to develop leadership skills and challenge ourselves to step out of the comfort zone as well as collaborate with other organizations on campus.”

“We participate in STARS to work towards becoming a better org and also to collaborate with other orgs.”

“We wanted to learn more about effective ways to build our organization, and STARS offers many workshops and leadership opportunities to learn from.”
“We traditionally have always participated in the program as an organization and use the funding such as allocations to hold our major events.”.